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Ultra Automatic Glass Washer 2.0

Ultra Automatic Glass Washer 2.0

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Give yourself the luxury of freeing up your valuable time with the Ultra Automatic Glass Washer 2.0! This amazing device is designed to take effortless cleaning to a whole new level. The Ultra Washer is capable of washing various types of glasses in a matter of seconds, meaning you'll never have to waste time and energy manually cleaning glasses ever again. It's perfect for cleaning traditional glasses, but also baby bottles and wine glasses with great ease and efficiency. Built with ultra-resistant ABS plastic and designed for portability, the Ultra Automatic Glass Washer 2.0 has been a top choice for thousands of Brazilians looking for convenient, fast glass washing solutions. Don't wait - make your life easier today by adding this incredible product to your collection! Shop now and experience ease and convenience as you've never experienced before!



Technical Specifications:
Dimensions: 17.5 x 9 x 1.2 cm

Package Contents: 
1 Ultra Automatic Glass Washer 2.0, 
1 T-Connector and 1 Water Tube

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