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Slicing Blades Storage Tray

Slicing Blades Storage Tray

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The Myvit Vegetable Cutter is the perfect kitchen helper. Whether you're looking to dice up some onion, grate hard cheese or cut through all kinds of vegetable, this multi-functional accessory can help you do it all with ease. Built from Food-Grade stainless steel and BPA-Free ABS plastic materials to provide you with a quality product that will outlast the competition. Changeable stainless blades make cutting and slicing a breeze, helping you get meals prepared quickly and easily. The storage container allows you to keep your blades neatly tucked away when they aren't needed - no more hunting around the kitchen drawers or shelves for misplaced accessories! Save time preparing meals and save money by investing in this high-quality kitchen cutter set - it will pay for itself in no time!

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