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Shaped Sofa Velvet Covers for Living Room

Shaped Sofa Velvet Covers for Living Room

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Introducing Shaped Sofa Velvet Covers for Living Room. These trendy and luxurious slipcovers offer superior protection to your furniture from spilled liquids, stains, wear and tear. This is the ultimate economical solution for your regular use and ideal if you own pets or children. Our covers feature an elastic band and strap fastening closure at the bottom that ensures the perfect fit and does not cause displacement. The velvet fabric provides enough coverage to conceal what lies underneath giving a dramatic effect to your living area in minutes. They are machine washable and wrinkle-free so you don't have worry about washing or ironing it from time to time! Now you can give a new look to your sofa with ease and manage it like new without investing in a major overhaul project. Shop now from our unique collection of sofa covers; spruce up your living room!

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