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Microwave Food Cover

Microwave Food Cover

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Introducing the Microwave Food Cover; a convenient and safe way to heat up your meals without worry. Made with food grade materials, this dish lid is free from any BPA that could cause an unpleasant smell - giving you peace of mind when using it. Additionally, the handle is designed to remain cool to the touch, eliminating any risk of burn accidents during use. An adjustable steam vent covers three levels of holes (small, large, or closed) for optimal steam retention during microwaving. When cooling down dishes that require it, the lid also serves as an effective guard against dust and pests. Boasting an impressive 12” overall diameter and 3.7” height, this microwave dish cover fits securely on most plates, bowls and cups as well as most kitchen-approved microwaves. Enjoy your meals hassle-free with the Microwave Food Cover!

Name: Microwave oven oil cover
Material: PP material
Size: 26cm in diameter
Handle: orange/white
Temperature resistance: heat resistance 100°


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