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Mesh Strainer Spoon

Mesh Strainer Spoon

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Looking for an easy and efficient way to strain your food? Look no further than the Mesh Strainer Spoon! Made with fine and even mesh, this strainer filters out impurities quickly and easily, saving you time in the kitchen. The high temperature resistant nylon material is safe to use with food, and is easy to clean. The non-slip handle ensures that you can use it easily and safely, while the hanging hole design makes for easy storage. Perfect for straining soy milk, wine, coffee, milk, yogurt, juice, honey, and fried food. Get your Mesh Strainer Spoon today!


Material: food grade PP material + ultra-fine nylon filter
Size: about 24*15cm/9.45*5.90in, 
internal diameter about 11cm/4.33in
Weight: about 50g

How to choose the Mesh Size:
100mesh 150 microns (μm) : For Beer Homebrew Filter, Soy milk, wine residue, enzymes, honey, vegetable juice
200mesh 75 microns (μm): For Tea, milk, yogurt, coffee, oil
300mesh 48 micrometers (μm): For Tap water filtration, wine, liquor, enzymes
400mesh 38 micrometers (μm), suitable for filtering fine wine, fine precipitation of cold wine, cold water precipitation, etc.(High precision filter for all)


Packing List:
Mesh Strainer Spoon*1

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